Random Background Checks at Uber – Are You Prepared?

Large corporations, such as Uber, are protecting their brand by performing periodic and random background checks on their prospective and current employees. Most companies are now enforcing this type of protocol to create accountability and a safe atmosphere for customers.

Whether you are planning on a full time or part time position with Uber, you will first need to pass the background check. Uber is currently using a background check called Checkr. Checkr is considered a Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliant site. FCRA-compliant sites are required to pull court records.

From verifying your work history to contacting referrals, your past can come to haunt you — especially if you have a criminal record. Set yourself up for success and clear your criminal record before you apply.

If you have not cleared your criminal record, feel welcome to take our complimentary eligibility test to see if you qualify.

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The Lifeback Legal Team