My school won’t let me apply or graduate — I have a criminal record.

Education is an incredible tool to help increase your future earning potential and get you the lifestyle you deserve. In order to achieve that academic success, you will likely need to pass certain background checks for internships, student loans, and future licensing upon graduation.

Many schools will not allow you to apply or graduate if you have a case on your criminal record. If you are concerned about your future, you will want to clear your past indiscretions on your criminal record as soon as possible.

If you are feeling stuck in this type of predicament, rest assured — there is a solution. Most states offer a form of post-conviction relief, such as expungement or sealing. The eligibility requirements and definition vary from state to state.

In most states, expunging or sealing your record will lift different statutory bars so that you can be considered for licensing and higher levels of employment. Post-conviction relief will typically give you the ability to legally and confidently deny the existence of the case.

The benefits of clearing your record extend far beyond your education and career goals. From buying a home to being able to travel without issues, clearing your record is an investment in bettering your lifestyle.

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The Lifeback Legal Team