Beginning Your TSA PreCheck Appeal:

In order to begin the TSA PreCheck appeal process, we recommend having your denial examined by an experienced and licensed attorney. This will allow us to look at the details of your case to determine the reason for the denial and will provide you with two things:

  1. The reassurance in knowing that an appeal is indeed available, and

  2. An attorney’s informed opinion on the strength or weakness of your case

The analysis typically takes 1-2 business weeks to complete and costs $300. This cost may then be applied as a credit towards your TSA PreCheck appeal should you decide to proceed. If it turns out you are ineligible for an appeal, or you decide not to move forward, then this amount is for the attorney’s time to perform the analysis. This credit will remain available for four months from the date of the analysis.

Analysis Includes:

  • Case analysis handled by a licensed TSA PreCheck appeal attorney.
  • Case analysis take 1-2 business weeks to complete.
  • Cost of analysis will be applied to your appeal.*
  • Affordable, flat fees with price matching guarantee.
  • Assistance with Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, if needed.



* Credit varies based on the extensiveness of your criminal record.

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