Lifeback Legal Sales Terms and Conditions:

By completing an online purchase with Lifeback Legal, you the customer, agree to the following:

1. No attorney-client relationship is created by completing a purchase on this site. This site is an attorney advertisement and we reserve the right to refuse service to anybody or to turn down any case for any reason, even if you have made a payment (refusal of service will result in a refund of the amount paid). Upon making a payment, we will send you a contract. Once you return the contract to us signed, then you become one of our clients.

2. While we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, we welcome people of all races, nationalites, genders, sexual orientation, economic status, religions, political parties, etc.

3. While we try our best to determine your eligibility through the information available on this site, you may not be eligible despite our best efforts at clear advertising. If you are not eligible, you will be refunded for any full product purchased (of course, if the service you purchased is research or an analysis, you will not be refunded). If work is required to determine your eligibility and you are not eligible, we will retain $300 for our time to verify your eligibility.

4. Once again, no attorney-client relationship is formed until you accept our written contract, which we will send once payment is received on this site.

5. If you make a payment and are not contacted within a week, please call us or contact us via the contact form.

6. You agree to not make any chargeback requests through your card issuer for charges you authorize on this website. We are open and fair about refunding if you are not eligible. You hereby agree to not make a chargeback (which costs us money) and you understand that accepting these terms and conditions constitutes agreement by yourself to be held liable for any fees on a chargeback and also for our attorney fees to collect on those fees.

7. We do not guarantee results on any service. Nothing on this website is to be construed as a guarantee of results.

8. If we start work on your eligible case prior to our contract becoming effective and then you seek a refund, we will refund all minus our time, billed at our standard rate of $350/hour. If all we have done is case research, we will only retain $300, not our hourly fee.

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