Proposition 64
Marijuana Expungement:

You qualify to reduce or expunge your marijuana conviction under Proposition 64. 

Proposition 64 (also known as “the Adult Use of Marijuana Act”), allows anyone convicted of marijuana offenses to reduce their conviction to a misdemeanor, an infraction, or to expunge it from their criminal record. This means if you have a marijuana offense it may be possible to expunge or reduce it under Prop 64.

This is a newer form of relief beginning in 2016 when Proposition 64 passed in California. It is different from a standard dismissal and allows for a more complete type of relief than was otherwise available. In order to receive this you will need to petition the court.

At Lifeback Legal, we are experienced California marijuana expungement attorneys who can help expunge your record. We understand your desire to have a confidential advocate and are here to assist you.

Proposition 64 Expungement Includes:

  • An attorney attends all required hearings on your behalf
  • Case handled 100% by a California Licensed Attorney
  • Payment Options Available
  • Expedited Filing
  • Fixed, Flat Fee
  • Takes 1-3 Months, depending on the Court.

$725.00 *

Or start for either $49.00 down or make an initial first payment and make interest-free monthly payments


* Add $250 if you violated your probation.

If you start with $49 down, the remaining balance will be divided over three even payments, each payment due on the 1st or 15th of each month. If you make an initial first payment, two subsequent payments will be due. 

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