Beginning Your Gun Rights Restoration:

We stand by your Second Amendment rights.

In order to begin your gun rights restoration, we recommend having your record examined by an experienced and licensed attorney in order to determine the reason for the denial. To accomplish this, we offer a comprehensive gun rights restoration analysis.

This analysis will provide you with two things:

  1. A careful look at the specifics of your case in order to determine which relevant legal service is best to restore your gun rights, and
  2. An attorney’s informed game plan on how best to approach restoring those rights, hopefully saving you in unnecessary costs.

The process entails a document review by an attorney, case history preparation, and then final analysis preparation. In most cases, unless the records are very lengthy, the total process generally takes less than 1 month. What counts as a lengthy record depends on (1) whether the total record is 5 or more record entries or 5 or more pages in length, and (2) the clarity of the record. If the record is lengthy or if there are several holidays during the month, plan on several extra days for completion.

The amount paid may then be applied as a credit towards the expungement, sealing, or other relevant service that is best for your situation. If it turns out you are ineligible for post-conviction relief, or you decide not to move forward on your eligible services, then this amount is for the attorney’s time to perform the analysis. The credit ranges from $100-$200 depending on the number of violations or cases on your record. This credit will remain available for four months from the date of the analysis. 

Analysis Includes:

  • Case analysis performed by California licensed attorneys experienced with California and federal databases, including DOJ and NICS.
  • Case analysis typically takes less than a month to complete.
  • Cost of analysis will be applied towards services relevant to restore your gun rights such as felony reductions, arrest record sealings, Pardons, and more.*
  • Analysis credit available for four months from date of completed analysis.



* Credit varies based on the extensiveness of your criminal record.

** If your case analysis involves a 5150 mental health ban, our office only takes on such cases if:

(1) More than one year has passed since your hold;

(2) You have copies of your medical records, and

(3) You have recent documentation to show you have regularly been meeting with a licensed therapist, and

(4) Been recently involved in community service.

We do not take cases with 5250. 

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