COVID-19 and Your Criminal Record

Carrying the weight of a criminal record on a normal day is difficult, but during a pandemic – it can be devastating – not only to you, but also to your loved ones. Knowing how COVID 19 and your criminal record can impact you during these unprecedented times is integral to staying ahead of the curve once the economy bounces back. 

Lifeback Legal is a division of the Law Firm of Shea M. Randall, a trusted California Law Firm. We specialize in helping individuals getting their life back with California criminal record expungements and federal licensing services. We are a full service Law Firm — from gathering documentation, hand-crafting petitions, and dealing with the headache of the Courts, Licensing Boards, and more. We will appear on your behalf to show the Court that you deserve relief.

If you are concerned about COVID-19 and how your criminal record may impact your ability to purchase a gun, obtain employment, and more – This article may help. Below are 5 major topics that are crucial to examine during these critical times.

Gun Rights

Your safety is important and, if your gun rights aren’t already restored, filing for a restoration immediately can make a difference in your ability to obtain a firearm before laws change or before gun stores potentially temporarily close due to the current pandemic. These are some of the common reasons to be denied the purchase of a firearm: 

  • Federal convictions
  • Felony convictions, including Drug Diversion, County Jail, and Prison term cases
  • Misdemeanor convictions of Domestic violence-related charges or other violent offenses, such as Terrorist Threats, Assault, Abuse, or Sex-related cases
  • Active warrants
  • Issuance of an involuntary or voluntary commitment to a mental health institution or observation
  • Dishonorable discharge from the Military

Keep in mind, not all cases are alike. At Lifeback Legal, Founding Attorney Mr. Shea Randall will personally oversee the review of your record to determine what your casework qualifies for and how to best restore your gun rights through our CA Firearm Rights Analysis procedure. The Analysis typically takes 1 to 2 weeks for completion. All the while, you will have your own account with us in which you can track the progress of your casework from beginning to end. Upon completion of the Analysis, you are notified of the eligible casework and your next best steps, such as a DOJ Update or Appeal, 17b Reduction, Prop 36 Reduction, Certificate of Rehabilitation, or Pardon. The cost of the Analysis can be credited towards any of your eligible casework. 

Voting Rights 

Election season is here. In CA, in order to be eligible to vote, you must meet all 4 requirements below as designated by Alex Padilla, California Secretary of State:

  • A U.S. citizen and a resident of California, 
  • 18 years of age or older on Election Day, 
  • Not currently in state or federal prison or on parole for the conviction of a felony, and
  • Not currently found mentally incompetent to vote by a court

If you are currently on probation for a state Felony conviction and want to vote in the coming elections, we encourage you to contact us. Through Early Probation Termination, you may be able to be released from your Felony Probationary Term so that you may be able to not only vote again, but also file for an Expungement to change the case from a Conviction to a Dismissal, giving you the confidence to deny the existence of the case. We can also look into restoring your gun rights through a restorative procedure, such as a DOJ Update or Appeal, 17b Reduction, Prop 64 Reduction, Certificate of Rehabilitation, or Pardon. 

Global Entry, TSA Pre-Check, and other CBP and TSA Programs

Essential travelling, which includes traveling for a medical, educational, business, lawful trade,or armed forces purpose, is currently allowed. Once the restrictions on travel are lifted, many fliers will be looking forward to travelling as smoothly as possible by using programs such as Global Entry, TSA Pre-Check and other CBP procedures including Sentri Appeals. 

To ensure you aren’t left behind at the airport or have to endure longer than usual lines, you’ll want to file your Appeal with CBP sooner than later. CBP is still operating and processing Appeals or Reconsiderations which we will gladly take on to show that you deserve the relief be granted to you.

Section 19 FDIC Waivers

If you have spent time and effort gaining the education and experience to enter the banking field or if you have been a banking professional that is having issues maintaining stability with an FDIC-insured employer because of an old record, it is important to consider filing an FDIC Waiver to permit you access to banking institutions that are considered essential businesses and are still operating, even if at a limited capacity.

Estate Planning

Life is fragile and to leave your assets and estate wavering could cause potential issues in the long term for yourself and loved ones. Wills and Trusts laws govern how to properly dispose of your estate. Each person will have different wishes on what they would like to include in their will or trust. Our team designs entire estate plans for single adults, married couples, blended families, and seniors. We also provide individual document preparation, such as general or custom Power of Attorney for an aging parent, or a Trust Transfer Deed for a pre-existing estate plan.

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Taking the time to approach these top 5 topics during the COVID-19 pandemic will help ensure that you can continue maintaining a stable lifestyle or potentially start a new chapter in your life with the relief granted. Our team looks forward to hearing from you.

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