Constitutional Claim Analysis:

In order to begin your expungement based on a Constitutional claim, we recommend having your record examined by an experienced and licensed attorney. This will provide you with two things: 

  1. The reassurance that your case is eligible and requires a Constitutional claim prior to signing up for an expensive legal service, or
  2. An attorney’s informed opinion that you qualify for another, less expensive legal service, hopefully saving you in unnecessary costs. 

The analysis typically takes 1 business week and costs $250. This cost may then be applied as a credit towards the Constitutional claim, expungement, sealing, or other relevant service that is best for your situation. This credit will remain available for four months from the date of the analysis. 

Constitutional Expungement Includes:

  • Case handled 100% by California licensed attorneys
  • Fixed, flat fee
  • Takes 2-6 weeks
  • Outstanding customer service



If your case had a probation violation, there is only a 50% money back guarantee and $250 will be added if more than 1 hearing is required on your case.

Courts charge a $150 filing and processing fee. This is increased to $300 in both the City of Long Beach and City of Anaheim. However, the Court will waive Filing and Processing fees for individuals whose monthly income is 125% or less of the current poverty guidelines or if they are enrolled in certain qualified programs (such as CalWORKS). If you believe you qualify, let us know and we will see if you meet the criteria to have the fee waived, reducing the total cost for services. For 2017 poverty guidelines, Click here

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