Beginning Your California Certificate of Rehabilitation:

In order to begin the process of obtaining your California Certificate of Rehabilitation, we recommend having your record examined by an experienced and licensed attorney. This will provide you with two things: 

  1. The reassurance that your case is eligible and requires a Certificate prior to signing up for an expensive legal service, or
  2. An attorney’s informed opinion that you qualify for another, less expensive legal service, hopefully saving you in unnecessary costs. 

The analysis typically takes 7-14 business days to complete and costs $300. However, this can sometimes take longer depending on the complexity of your case. This cost may then be applied as a credit towards the Certificate, expungement, sealing, or other relevant service that is best for your situation. If it turns out you are ineligible for post-conviction relief, or you decide not to move forward on your eligible services, then this amount is for the attorney’s time to perform the analysis. The credit ranges from $100-$200 depending on the number of violations or cases on your record. This credit will remain available for four months from the date of the analysis. 

Analysis Includes:

  • Case analysis performed by a California licensed attorney.
  • Case analysis typically takes 7-14 business days to complete.
  • Cost of analysis will be applied towards your California Certificate of Rehabilitation, expungement or other relevant service.*
  • Analysis credit available for four months from date of completed analysis.



* Credit varies based on the extensiveness of your criminal record.

The Governor can only grant a pardon if your record includes only one felony. If there are more, then the pardon must be approved by the CA Supreme Court prior to the Governor’s office. In addition, some courts require sex offenders to obtain a psychological evaluation prior to granting a certificate. Additionally, Certificate applications for sex offenses and certain cases with multiple convictions will have different pricing quoted on a case by case basis. Please contact our office for details.

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