Early Probation Termination Case Analysis:

In order to begin your early probation termination, we recommend having your record examined by an experienced and licensed attorney. This will provide you with two things: 

  1. Our recommendation on the likelihood of your success, prior to signing up for an expensive legal service, and
  2. If our recommendation is that you not pursue an early probation termination at this time, we will provide our recommendation on what you can do to strengthen your case for a future petition.

The analysis typically takes 1 business week and costs $250. This cost may then be applied as a credit towards your early probation termination should you decide to pursue it.  This credit will remain available for four months from the date of the analysis. 


Early Probation Termination Includes:

  • An attorney attends all required hearings on your behalf
  • Case handled 100% by a California Licensed Attorney
  • Payment Options Available
  • Expedited Filing
  • Fixed, Flat Fee
  • Takes 1-3 months, depending on the Court.

$250.00 *


*If your case had a probation violation, there is only a 50% money back guarantee.

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