Background Check Removal:

You qualify to remove yourself from popular people search websites. 

Background check removal will allow you to remove your personal information from various popular people search websites. The companies which we target are not Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) or Investigative Consumer Reporting Act (ICRAA) compliant, meaning that even if you obtain an expungement they may not update their records. Also, we never pay any of these background check companies anything to remove your records because we do not want to fund what we believe is not a legitimate industry.

At Lifeback Legal, we are experienced in helping you remove your digital footprint and understand your desire to have a confidential advocate.

Service Includes:

  • Case handled 100% by California licensed attorneys
  • Money back guarantee
  • Fixed, flat fee
  • Takes 2-6 weeks
  • Outstanding customer service

$350.00 *


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