Expunge Your Past – Petty Theft Expungement

We were all young once. From petty theft to vandalism or assault and prostitution, peer pressure happens during one’s youth and it can cause repercussions into adulthood. If you’re struggling with an old and embarrassing case and are having issues finding gainful employment, we recommend expunging your casework as soon as possible.

By expunging your case, you will be able to legally answer “no” when questioned on an application about the case, unless you are applying for a state license, contracting with the state lottery, or running for public office. Countless nursing assistants, preschool teachers, and even law enforcement officials have come through our doors to assist them with old cases so that they may open new chapters in their lives.

In our years of experience, we find that Petty Theft cases are incredibly common. Under California law, Petty Theft is defined as a theft of any property with a value of $950 or less. Typically, Petty Theft cases are deemed Misdemeanors.

As mentioned, we’re sometimes dared to do something when young, or sometimes we forget what’s in our basket when checking out. Regardless of the situation, the blemish has lasting effects, but there is a solution – expungement. 

In order to qualify for expungement in California, you will need to ensure that all fines and fees are paid off to the court, probation is fully complete, and all classes have been attended. Expunging your case with a trained expert will help increase the likelihood of success.

Remember, just because a case qualifies does not mean the case will be automatically expunged. It must be filed properly and, should reconsiderations occur, a trained attorney will be able to assist with any further motions along the way.

At The Law Firm of Lifeback Legal, Founding Attorney Mr. Shea Randall will oversee the casework from beginning to end. Our success rate is 98%. Therefore, as long as you meet the requirements set by California, our team is anticipating positive results. Receive a free consultation with one of our experts at 888-751-5329 today!