Live Scan Report Correction

Your live scan report, also known as a Department of Justice or DOJ report, is the main criminal history record in California.  Sometimes your live scan report can be inaccurate and lead to major issues involving employment clearances, licenses, embarrassment, loss of civil rights, and loss of gun rights.

California Criminal Record Expungements

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    Having errors on your Department of Justice (DOJ) report can have disastrous consequences for you. Call our office today to see if you can update your Livescan.


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    An Error In Your Live Scan Report Can Cause Major Headaches

    If you have ever faced a problem because of an error on your live scan report, or if you have ever tried to fix an error on a live scan report, you will know that it can be a real frustration. Updating the record with the DOJ can take months and in the meantime you could face scrutiny of your licenses or potentially even lose a government clearance or your civil rights.  

    While we cannot stop the frustrations that arise from the live scan error, we can be there to help make the update as trouble-free as possible.  

    How Do We Determine if Your Live Scan is Inaccurate?

    We have seen thousands of background reports so we know what we are looking for on a live scan.  We can quickly tell if something looks amiss. We also do a deeper review to make sure that your live scan matches what you remember happening and actual court records.  

    We also know what should show on your live scan report.  Because your live scan is the official criminal history record and not accessible to just anyone, certain things will show on your live scan such as expunged cases, warrants, and certain licenses.  These cannot be removed from your live scan. However, even agencies that are able to request your live scan will not be able to see everything that shows on your report. This will specifically depend on what the agency is allowed to see.


    What Can Be Done If My Live Scan Has an Error?

    We have dealt with this many times.  You have three main steps in the process:  

    1. Direct Agency Updates.  A direct agency update is when you contact the agency in charge of reporting the correct information in order to obtain the desired update.  Some agencies are more amenable to this than others.
    2. Direct DOJ Report Updates.  This process often fails if the DOJ is unable to verify with the agency and if the DOJ does not have scanned records of the case.  You never know what the DOJ has on file, so submitting a DOJ report update is a good step to take.
    3. Lawsuit.  If all else fails, you can take the case in front of a court and even ask for attorneys fees for your trouble.  We know the process and are willing to fight for our clients even if the agency and DOJ deny our requests.

    We always start at the beginning and move our way down as needed.  We have updated numerous records and have the experience to know what to do to get you the results as fast as possible while keeping your costs manageable.

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    Contact us to get started either on our website or by calling (888) 751-5329. If you do not already have a copy of your live scan, we can provide instructions on how to obtain one.  We charge our standard record review fee to review your record. Reviews of your record are completed by licensed California attorneys, not paralegals or legal assistants.

    Live Scan Report Correction

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      California Criminal Record Expungements

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